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[blink] There's fifty of us!

Well, come on! Let's start talking!

Does anyone want to do something similar to what was done on hated_character for awhile and put up women who you hate see get the short end in slash fanfics? I know Relena and others have been talked about to death, but I know a lot of us have probably been around less well known and probably have a lot to say about those poor girls too.

Here's my list:

Akane Tendo - Ranma 1/2: I blame a lot of this on Shampoo fans as well as yaoi fans but jeeeez... this poor girl gets the short end. Yes, she can be mean. Yes, she can be violent. But you know what, folks? SO CAN RANMA. It's unfair to write her off as a bitch just because you think Ranma is hot or whatever.

Shampoo - Ranma 1/2: She's a little harder to defend in my opinion because she sometimes annoys me too. But even still, while she can be mean to Ranma in the one fic I read, come on... she doesn't deserve to be strangled for it. (><) She's rough to him, I'll admit it. But she's also following Amazon culture. (Actually, I've never seen any fanfic deal with that. I may not have read enough though.)

Buffy: I finally got to see the show. God, in the one fanfic I read her character was so totally raped. I don't see where this irrational, screechy Buffy comes from at ALL.

Mary Jane Watson - Spider-Man: Actually, the rabid Gwen/Black Cat fans are worse at bashing than the slashers. At least most people leave their hatred of Mary Jane out of the fanfics, but I still fear for the future...
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You can add Hermione from HP and Arwen from LotR to that list.

Fangirls are so eager to see Harry with Draco-- most of the time, but sometimes it's Oliver Wood or Snape (ugh)-- that they turn Hermione into a shrew (i.e., no man would want her) or a slut (all men want her except our noble heroes because they're "above" that, like heterosexuality is inferior in some way to homosexuality). Whatever.

As for Arwen... ay yi yi. She's usually represented as some aloof ice-princess for whom Aragorn's love faded long ago, and now he's got the hots for Legolas, but he sticks with Arwen because he promised, and there's much angsting all round. Sometimes she conveniently dies, or sometimes she heartlessly deserts Aragorn to go to Valinor, leaving him despondent and therefore ripe for Legolas' lecherous plucking. Oh, it's all just too horrible.
Jean Grey - No matter which X-Men universe you look at; comic, movie, Evolution, old-school television, etc ... she's definately the most bashed character. While some of the critism is merited, the character bashing is not. And this even isn't just limited to slash fiction.

Meryl Strife - It's becoming an alarming trend in Trigun slash. While not extremely prevalent, she is still unfairly demonized in a lot of fiction.

And can I second the Arwen mention? Sheesh. If I find one more Arwen-bashing fic ...
Sorry to answer an old post, but I wanted to drop by and agree on poor Meryl Strife. I'm just now getting into slash, and Vash/Wolfwood intrigues me, but I'd rather not see Meryl made out as super-bitchy or pathetic just to make it happen.

And I don't get the Hermione thing at all... I've read lots of fics with say Draco/Harry subplots where Hermione goes happily off with Snape (yeah I know that doesn't help if you want to slash Snape, or hate that pairing, but you see my point I hope...) Why do you have to bash her, she's not even anyone's competition for Harry?

Just my opinion.

*late reply*

-Miaka Yuuki. Of course she's gonna be on my list. Of course, she's pretty much bashed everywhere, but...I remember this one fic where she kept walking in on the guys having super-hot mansex and screaming "OMG U PERVERTS!". But it was a dream-then the next morning she woke up and saw Tasuki trying to get Tamahome's hair out of the bedsprings and they were in a compromising she drowned herself and everyone was all happy/didn't care. X_x; The bashing was blatant as hell and the whole story was crap. And worse? At the time I found it I was just so happy to see NurikoxHotohori in there.
Yui also got bashed-Suboshi, who's madly in love with her, called her a "frigid bitch". Houki was given one mention, no bashing though, and Soi was...not mentioned at all from what I remember.

-The Misu sisters from Sorcerer Hunters, to some extent. Actually, they're not bashed or made out to be evil or over-ignored in slashfic. But Tira is reduced to a spineless maiden in CarrotxTira fics or dumped by jerk!Carrot for her sister so she can run crying to Marron The Consolation Prize. Chocolat's been demonized, bashed, and suicidal. Or acts like a snot over Carrot choosing her over Tira. I'd like to see actual goodfic about them as SISTERS, stuff that expands on their characters beyond the stereotypes.

-I read a Digimon fic where Matt broke up with Mimi because he was in love with Tai. And when she found out, she turned into a homophobic bitch. --;
Bah, Mimi couldn't do that! She'd be mad, of course, but that's certainly not how she would act.
--Anzu Mazaki (YuGiOh). Since she is the main character's longtime friend on whom he has a minor crush, she is oh-so-obviously the impediment to the Hawt (Schizophilic) boysexxx!!111!!!1 And has no purpose in the story. Therefore she's a complete and utter bitch who rants all the time. Because, y'know, the concept that she might get over her crush and be happy for her friend is completely impossible. She certainly doesn't act very supportive of everyone in canon, oh nooooo...*/sarcasm*
Winry Rockbell (FMA). ACK. Poor, POOR Winry. ;__;

Yukimura Keiko (YYH). She gets bashed for being "in the way" of Yûsuke and one of the other males. As well as being a bitch, a ho, a slut, or what have you. I feel like I'm one of the few Yûsuke/Keiko supporters in the fandom, and they're one of the very few canon pairings...;__;