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Dusk Peterson

FIC: Twenty Thousand Gold Stars – A Strikethrough Novel (Original Fiction)

Title: Twenty Thousand Gold Stars
Author: Dusk Peterson (author's Website and author's community LJ)
Category: Original fiction; contemporary realistic novel. Main plot: Male friendship. Subplots: Male homoerotic attraction, male/female friendship, and heterosexual attraction.
Rating: R for subject matter.
Summary: White Rose has lived a double life for too long. For too many years, he has struggled alone to determine how he should handle an ethical dilemma he never wanted to face. Now, finally, he has found help online. But is it the right help?
Warnings. . . . . . . . . . Post comments about this novel at my community LJ.
Note: I didn't write this novel in response to Strikethrough '07. I wrote it in 2001. Ironically, though, I came very close in May to starting a community LJ devoted to the novel. If I had done that, the comm would almost certainly have been suspended. For that reason, and for others, it seems fitting to dedicate this novel to Strikethrough and to the lessons we learned from it.

It was a foundation of his life that he must tell no one. The first signs that this foundation would be shattered came on a windy day at the end of February, as he sat in a room lit only by the bright colors glowing from his computer screen.

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