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REALLY impatient readers.

I'm writing a Harvest Moon fanfic, and for all those who don't know what that is, it's a farming simulation game.

Now, this fic is labeled as a slash story, and it's planned for a good 22 chapters or so. So far, I have chapter 2 up on, and the only comment I get, is "I'm confused, is this gay or not? where's the yaoi?"

....I really wasn't expecting that. O_o; The slash, like any other romantic plot, comes with time. Am I supposed to slap it in your face in the first chapter? Come on, if you think logically and realistically, a homosexual relationship wouldn't just spring up out of nowhere (not usually, anyway). The "main" character of the story is Gray, who happens to have a crush on a girl named Mary. That's CANON. There's also the protagonist of the game, who's a blonde farm girl. Her role in my story is to be best friends with Gray.

I'm thinking its because he's associating himself with females first before he does any men, and that makes them confused. =\ Why can't slash guys ever start out liking a girl? Well, I don't know if that's really the mentality behind it, but I think its a pretty good guess.

In any case, I plan on continuing the way I am. There probably won't be any -homosexual- actions at all until about halfway through. They can wait.

What also annoys me is all the other slash fics in Harvest Moon. In nearly every one of them, the girlfriend is the bad guy, a real biznatch. Or the main character just can't stand this girl, when in the game he's always standing up for her. 9_9

Anyone else ever had their story written off because it had a plot?
(btw, why are posts so few and far between! Come on, folks! T^T)
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