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State of the Community Address

Hey everyone! This is msmarvel1 just making a moderator post here. I realized that it's been almost eleven months since I started this community. And I have to say that I've been pleased with the results so far. :-) I remember expecting about ten members when I first started writing out my ideas for the website in Creative Writing I class last February. Now we have almost 50. Cool! (And yeah, that's small compared to a lot of communities, but I recognize that this community is pretty much an interest group within an interest group.)

I've made a few small changes to the community. First, I've added sarajayechan's Miaka icon to the community icons to reflect the anime/manga slant that this community has taken. (Relena would probably be the more obvious choice but... eh. I know Miaka. I don't know Relena. Sorry, folks. :-)) Also, I've pimped hated_character on the community info since the communities occasionally overlap. (Which I hear does annoy people who don't like the double posts on their friends lists, but I don't mind it so I'll never yell at anyone for it.)

When I started out, I intended this community to be a sort of place to vent, and maybe a fourm to try to change things, as well as promote stories that go against the bashing grain. (And rip down the bad ones too.) For the most part, I think that this community is living up to its goals and mostly meeting the expectations. I think my only real surprise was how anime-centered it became. I honestly thought I'd get more people complaining about Queen Amidala's bad rap from Star Wars than Relena in Gundam Wing, mostly because those were the slash communities I tended to hang out in more. Not that I mind it, though. However, it does make me wonder if I should have called the community heroinesofyaoi. ;-)

At any rate, I think things have been going well, but does anybody have anything they'd like to see different? Questions/Comments/Complaints? I'd like to hear from you now. And if not, hey! Tell me if you're enjoying this place or not. I'd love to hear and I have a pretty thick skin when it comes to this sort of criticism. :-)
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