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[blink] There's fifty of us!

Well, come on! Let's start talking!

Does anyone want to do something similar to what was done on hated_character for awhile and put up women who you hate see get the short end in slash fanfics? I know Relena and others have been talked about to death, but I know a lot of us have probably been around less well known and probably have a lot to say about those poor girls too.

Here's my list:

Akane Tendo - Ranma 1/2: I blame a lot of this on Shampoo fans as well as yaoi fans but jeeeez... this poor girl gets the short end. Yes, she can be mean. Yes, she can be violent. But you know what, folks? SO CAN RANMA. It's unfair to write her off as a bitch just because you think Ranma is hot or whatever.

Shampoo - Ranma 1/2: She's a little harder to defend in my opinion because she sometimes annoys me too. But even still, while she can be mean to Ranma in the one fic I read, come on... she doesn't deserve to be strangled for it. (><) She's rough to him, I'll admit it. But she's also following Amazon culture. (Actually, I've never seen any fanfic deal with that. I may not have read enough though.)

Buffy: I finally got to see the show. God, in the one fanfic I read her character was so totally raped. I don't see where this irrational, screechy Buffy comes from at ALL.

Mary Jane Watson - Spider-Man: Actually, the rabid Gwen/Black Cat fans are worse at bashing than the slashers. At least most people leave their hatred of Mary Jane out of the fanfics, but I still fear for the future...
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