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[sigh] Second verse, same as the first ...

Reading my "friendsfriends" list is probably a bad thing.

I must admit that I do understand the appeal, and like the fact that slash is for the most part about women turning men into sexual objects. I see how it can be good for women, especially with some radical fringes of feminism saying stuff about how the penis is inherintley evil. And it is cool to see men as objects of desire.

But in slash, men are still the DESIRERS. They're still the ones wanting/leering over/fucking other men. Of course, that man is written by a woman, but he's still a man!

And once again: it does not change ANY perceptions of women. Except maybe the perception that women like porn/can like two gay men together. But even that I find specious - most people I meet in every day life are still shocked by it. And how does that help ... at ALL?

And honestly, I DON'T like to think of everything I do as feminist. Of course I am a feminist. I always will be a feminist whether I'm sitting in a women's studies class or sleeping. It's part of who I am, but that doesn't mean that I'm feminist BECAUSE I'm sleeping. I'm not feminist because I write slash/yaoi, I am a feminist WHO writes slash/yaoi.

And as long as I'm going to find slash/yaoi writers justifying female-bashing, justifying the wonder of a "world without women" as if a naked female is such a horrific sight that we need to keep it from our poor feminist eyes, justify slash/yaoi on the basis that men just make more interesting characters I'm probably NOT going to find slash/yaoi inherently feminist.

I'm still a feminist when I have sex, y'know. It doesn't matter that a guy is looking at me. Seriously, why does that bother people? You can't get rid of male desire. Just ... jeez. Slactivist hypocrites.
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