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Uh oh, someone has either read too much doujinshii or else!

As msmarvel1 requested, I'm posting this crap that I found online while searching for info for a Gundam Wing RPG I'm in.

There's this girl who hates Relena. She's even psychotic about that, I think. Well, whatever, one idiot I want and know how to avoid. But while searching in Google, I found a certain part of her GW page... and it made me pale with RAGE.

Her comments are in italic, my bitching is in bold.

You think...?

... male homosexual couples are much sweeter than straight ones. (the reason is in the next table)
I can't talk about lesbians relationships, since I don't know anyone "involved" in one.. nor I read about them, so I can't give my opinion on this matter.
But I, of course, support any relationship based on love... and straight relationships, between people that actually love each other, are fewer each day that goes by.

Scuse me, but that's generalizing. It sounds like you say m/m is intrinsecally better just because it's male/male. Ding dong, kiddo!, m/m couples also have their troubles. Thier love is as "flawed" as the m/f love you hate so much. And also, WAY to almost throw f/f couples out of the window.

I think men are usually kinder, sweeter, more innocent , and direct than women.

Snoooooort.... I've met gouys who are sweet, yes, but others that are complete scum. Same goes to women. Rotten appples can be found EVERYWHERE

There are very few women that are good enough for men, because most of them are bitches and they always talk behind your back... and 'ya can never really trust them because as soon as you turn around you can get stabbed in the back..

WAY to generalize *all* women. I'm HIGHLY tempted to write her a mail saying "GET OFF MY GENDER, STUPID BITCH!".

And BTW - the mean, spiteful, viper-tongued person that ALWAYS talked shit about others behind their backs was, in my case, a MAN.

So as I see it, only men are good enough for men. And I think men can understand each other better too....

Yes, because women are the ONLY oneS who start wars, kill violently, act chaivinistic and possessive, and threaten and bully others because of how big or small mtheir influcnce over the opposite sex is.

As I said, stupidity does NOT differenciate over gender. Women can be at times idiots - well, so can guys be. It's just that it's more socially accepted, in a sense, for guys to be aggressive and all.

I also believe that in these days, homosexual couples must truely be inlove in order to put up with all the social pressure they have to put up in their lifes in order to be together....

Romantic TWU WUB just ain't enough, kiddo. For men AND women. We also have friendship, equality for everyone, our own inner matters, and etc.

Also, the few "good" women I know, are those that act like men.
Friends, sister, they're all really kind and nice women... but they all act like guys.
Women that act like women, are usually bitches...

Now THIS makes me pale with RAGE. I use tops, have long hair, love parfums, have cute shoes, like some girly stuff (gimme my Hello Kity Biatches!), and my fanfics are usually REALLY fluffy and sugary. And all of a sudden... I'm a stupid bitch. Just because I commited the sin of, OMG, not acting like a guy.

Hell, being assertive isn't only restricted to guys, and it doesn't have as a pre-requiste to act all boyish.

(Btw, I talk about these issues according to my life experiences and my believes... it's not like I made a poll and I'm trying to tell you that this is accurate, but this is what I've seen in my life.).

Go out more. Get out of your shell of mysoginy and bitchiness. Get a sex change, you don't deserve to be a female. And stop being THAT stupid.

In few words? You're an embarrasment to all women. STFU.

I'm highly, REALLY highly tempted to mail the bitch those opinions of mine. But heck - I think it'll be most likely a loss of time and braincells. And not only I have too many school stuff to do, I would end up dying of the st00pid.

Maybe I'll do it later. But right now, I would become one of the worst bitches EVER. And I love myself too much for that.
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