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This one's been bothering me for some time now

Gatchaman, one of my newest fandoms, is big on het but also has a healthy slash following. The most prominent pairing is Ken and Joe, a classic boy-next-door bishounen type and a rugged bad boy.

Jun, the sole female member of the team, has a canon crush on Ken, who's pretty dense about women and relationships and therefore doesn't really return her feelings.

Now, most Ken/Joe fic I've read paints her in a sympathetic light, detailing her heartbreak and disappointment and angst upon discovering the guy she likes is into men. But there's a few stories by one author in particular that aren't so kind to her. Particularly, this one.

Not only does she react to the guys getting together in the typical shrieking banshee way, but the interaction between her and Joe smacks of double standard. His insulting of her is portrayed as "just blowing off steam", while her defending herself against said insults is portrayed as sadistic and cruel.

Lot of things wrong with this picture here, folks. :/ Poor Jun. Even worse, I've seen the author's blog and she's a pretty serious Jun basher...she even claims Jun's female fans "make themselves look like cheap sluts" which made me go WTF.

Jun is actually a very strong female presence among a team of men. She's smart, a capable fighter, an explosives expert, runs a snack bar, and has been taking care of Jinpei since he was a baby. Sure, she can be a little stereotypical sometimes, but given the time period plus Japan's view of women in general it's really not that bad. I think I'm mostly disappointed because I didn't find any bashing of Jun whatsoever until that one author. :/
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Well, I'm aware of/used to this, lol. But it still bugs the crap out of me.

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October 29 2008, 17:24:44 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  October 29 2008, 17:25:01 UTC

XD Cool.

I still like yaoi, but I'm more wary of it. I sadly tend to put yuri on a pedestal because compared to yaoi and het its fanbase is...well, not a paragon of sanity but the chances of running into "omg Rath gets in the way of Lyn/Florina!!!" is nonexistent compared to "omg Davis gets in the way of TK/Kari!!!" or "omg Misty gets in the way of Ash/Gary!!!".